I am becoming untamed

Dear Glennon.

You are a rockstar. I am one of your biggest fans. I have talked about your book ‘Untamed’ to all my friends – I have bought copies to hand out to them that they can borrow. I have liberated myself from all kinds of ways that looked like ‘being in love with my lifestyle, instead of being in love with my life’. I don’t want to martyr myself for my daughter, I am doing hard things and I am a GD Cheetah. I am rewilding myself. Getting back to my core, to everything that means something to me. I am truly becoming an Untamed woman and I love every part of it.

Is the world ready for untamed women?

This is the one question I keep repeating in my mind because my path has been hard. It has been so hard that I almost want to go backward, curl up in foster pose, and rock myself gently. Because I have serious doubts that the world is ready for untamed, wild, free women who are channeling archetypes like you, Pippi Longstocking, Lagertha from Vikings, Peter Pan, and even Kali. Women who take hit after hit every day because they stand so strongly in their core that they have become unapologetically themselves. Because as soon as I became my wild, driven untamed self everything went away, and it’s lonely where I am right now. I have lost my job and my marriage. I have even lost my grandfather (but I don’t think it was because I became untamed though). I feel like I am a trailblazer who is taking all the hits. That I stand on the frontline and I am the first one they are shooting after. I am one of the first ones in my village they would point towards and shout ‘WITCH’. I am cocooning at home and I feel like I am starting to rise, sister!

How should we make the world ready for the untamed self?

That is what I am wondering. I think it’s because of the losses in my life. It’s because of the woman I am becoming. But in a patriarchal world, there’s a lot of hits to be taken. There’s a lot of battles to be fought. There’s a whole authoritative method on the planet we have to undo. We have to get back to nature and to ourselves. It’s our only option to save Gaia – our planet. But to be honest I am scared shitless and I was wondering if you had some perspectives on this.

From one who knows that untamed is going to trailblaze us into the future.

rock on

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