A storyliving web without give-aways?

I don’t really like give-aways and competitions. I think they are incredibly mainstream, and I don’t do mainstream very well. I do Storyliving very well indeed. I constantly deal with competitions in social media as a tool for content marketing, because competitions have become the commodity on the internet. That is the first thing you […]

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Sustainable transitional web apps for the future

Ben Metcalfe wrote in a tweet a couple of weeks ago that “the way that twitter currently works doesn’t scale”. I think that’s my problem too. twitter doesn’t scale, not technically, and not as a mobile community either. solely on the web – it’s great – but I want the Twitter messages on my phone […]

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The difference between innovation and creativity

Ah, the difference between innovation and creativity! I will only argue my point of view from a technology perspective ( hence, it is not said that it can’t be used elsewhere)… if you look up innovation on wikipedia you will see this = “the process of making improvements by introducing something new“ if you look […]

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The silent revolution manifesto

here it is. my silent revolution manifesto: The silent revolution is a movement WITHIN people to cope with the everyday information overload due to consumerism and marketing. Nowadays we get so much information that there is no way that we can cope with it. Not convinced? take a look at your inbox, or television or […]

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Toothless Tiger – we only build cool stuff

TK and I have since the birth of our baby girl referred to her as a “toothless tiger”. It suits her very well. Because she seemed dangerous even though she didn’t have any teeth. Now she’s just a curly tiger, with teeth, and she bites occasionally. BUT Mads Christensen (one of the it-men in danish […]