I am Henriette Weber

A brand maven. a Corporate Activist. A digital creator. A Writer. A trendsetter and a tendency spotter and an advisor besides my daytime job.

When there was nothing digitally social or engaging

When you couldn’t even google ‘Google’. When relationship building was something that happened in chatrooms, IRC channels, ICQ, lifejournal, lunarstorm, and myspace, a curly tornado from Elsinore Denmark (that’s yours truely=) got an idea. What if you used these relationship tools for business purposes? A ton of other like-minded geeks started building the social web with her, from every corner of the world. – before resembled what we see today, and also before it was even born. We all wanted to transform the world. We all wanted to take the idea of sharing, connecting, and inspiring each other to another level.

Even though I am not, do not look or feel old, I am ‘experienced’ around the internet, social media, creativity, business tools as well as sustainability, SDG’s and building a life with a legacy as well as something larger than yourself. henrietteweber.com has been running since 2005 giving me around 19 years of experience documenting online tendencies and trends, combining them with art and creative concepts.

I am known to give brands, concepts, projects, people, or processes edge and substance. I add that ‘je ne sais quoi’ magically pulls people in and makes them say ‘ tell me more – or even fall in love with what you have built.

I make these brands, concepts, projects, people and processes, rock out in crowded and competitive places. I have an impeccable nose (I would say hair=) for differentiation, positioning, and execution.

I have self-published a danish bestselling book in 2009 before you could actually self-publish. I have spoken at +100 conferences about my ideas for businesses and my own creative concepts and writings.

I take up cool challenges from businesses that want or need to transform, amplify, rock out and show their wild. Right now I am transforming the danish energy sector from the inside out and loving every second of it.

Self-initiated entrepreneurial stuff:

I have several projects I have created over the years. I founded this blog on henrietteweber.com in 2005. I had a digital brand studio called Toothless Tiger which was ‘the shit’ when it came to social media marketing for 12 years. I self-published a book called return on involvement and made it a bestseller (in 2009). I rallyed the danish women in technology together in Geek Girl meetups, Geek Girl Denmark, and Geek Girl Magazine.

As an employee:

I’ve built a corner of the sustainability movement as a brand director for the biggest nordic think tank – a huge corner. We’re talking a reach of 32.000.000 when we launced stuff. I rebranded an old-school NGO as head of brand and engagement.

As a freelance advisor:

I have built personal brands for CEO’s and thoughtleaders through 1 on 1 sessions. I have build brands and engaged people for celebrities such as Lars Von Trier (on his Antichrist movie), Casper Christensen & Frank Hvam. Cool creative concepts, brands and communities for CATCH, falck, vestforbrænding, TDC, legeakademiet, alka forsikring, the north face, bybi and unilever to name a few. I have executed on communication and communities for startups such as Unity, Enalyzer and Jaiku.

As a writer:

I have written for several outlets such as the next web, TechCrunch, Silicon Allee, Amino, business.dk, Politiken and Børsen.