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My Social Media Value Chain is a practical tool that you can use to plan out your activities on social media. This free ebook is a walkthrough of the value chain with a ton of inspiration around identity development and how to plan your digital campaigns on social media.

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BUILD YOUR DIGITAL BRAND How do you make sure your content is coming across and it’s actually helping your brand ? The social media value chain is build on content marketing and how you are perceived best in the eyes of the beholder.ENHANCE YOUR SALES Social media can do one thing really well for you, and that is getting you closer to your peers. You have a  great opportunity to get a message across that will create all the difference around the value of your brand.GET STICKY On average you need to be seen/heard about 20 times before you are considered as a supplier. The social media value chain will give you a recipe to get sticky.

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“Before there was a thing called social media. Before 99{5efe2dfab989fd5e1401261f36f469c26e78ec7db6dd6d3e4b43ca097ae6fc54} of brands realized the power of the web to connect with their customers. Before all of this Henriette Weber was paving the way for digital branding and marketing to become a big part of a brand’s marketing mix. Henriette is truly a pioneer.” TARA HUNT AUTHOR + SPEAKER“The strategic work of Henriette is a bombardement of insights, creativity and tendencies, put on bottles that makes you know how to implement them down to the tiniest detail from day one. A valuable ressource when it comes to the combination of digital, tendencies, marketing, branding and rockn’roll” BENJA STIG FAGERLAND ADVISOR + BOARD MEMBER“Henriette is a creative, enthusiastic and experienced social web consultant, working on a large number of projects like the now world-famous Jaiku. A great speaker, she is an insightful and easy-going professional that works on helping organizations understand and benefit from the ongoing online revolution.” LAURENT HAUG CEO + FOUNDER