Want to build a bigger legacy?

Let me hear you say YEAH!…

Let me show you how to build your brand and your tribe. A (work)life filled with purpose. A legacy that will leave you feeling blessed. I want to look back at my life at my deathbed and think ‘WOW’ this place is so much better because I chose to serve. I serve the planet and humanity. I hope you will choose to do so too.

I design concepts and I activate and amplify them. And I will teach you how to do that also. And not just for any sake, for the sake of social good. For the sake of impact, substance, and activism. For the sake of a better world.

I believe a lot of stuff will change for us as humanity, in fact they already are right now. All the old systems are crumbling and new ones will take their place, one by one.

And this is where I come in to SERVE! -Both as a concept maker, a marketer, a social do-gooder, and as a business coach focusing on differentiating your brand from the pack.

I am currently building an invention accelerator and a communication consultancy focused on climate – but I take one on one business coaching sessions also.

Speaking gigs

In the fall this is where you can find me talking about branding, sustainability, movement building and creativity.