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The Scandinavian “female entrepreneurs who do startups” list

So a couple of days ago, Fast Company launched a “25 women-run startups to watch” list. Today I am advisoring the Copenhagen Startup Weekend teams – so this is the weekend of startups for me.  Anyway the Fast Company article had two awesome women in it, that I’ve had the chance to meet and fall a little bit in love with, Tara and Wendy who rocks. But I think we should have a scandinavian list as well. Seen from my perspective, it’s a great way of giving out information about what ladies are in the startup scene up here. I have defined the ladies on the list as people who are running startups themselves, and not agencies, blogs or consultants, but startups as in convenience and services for the public.

Now, I know the list could be better, I hope that there are more ladies in startups in Scandinavia, that I just don’t know about. SO : If there’s anyone you think is missing on the list – please let me know in the comments – I personally think that there could be so many more ladies on the list. Im totally missing some startups from Norway. Anyway have a look at it – and let’s see if we can build this out more – together.

Here’s my list, most of the ladies on are people I’ve been introduced to, met or who I see regularly, they are truely an inspiration to be around:

Heidi Harman founder RunAlong and co-founder of Geek Girl Meetup. Runalong is a female health community focusing on group runs or walks. Geek girl Meetup is an un-conference for Geek Girls taking place so far in Stockholm, Göteborg, Øresund and Copenhagen.

Anna Oscarsson is founder of  Kvittar – a startup with the purposeful and convinient aim of making all the receipts of Sweden index’ed and searchable.

Ulla-maaria Engeström founder of thinglink a startup aiming to turn photos into a surface for advertising, commerce, entertainment, search and social connection

Tine Thygesen is CEO of 23 video – a company that helps individuals do visual sharing. She’s also the former CEO of Venture Cup in Denmark.

Annika Lidne is the founder of Disruptive Media – a company that helps people to understand the revolution within digital media.

Maija Itkonen is the CEO of Powerkiss a company that does wirefree charging through surfaces and furniture.

Camilla Ley Valentin Partner in Queue-it – a virtual queue system that prevents website crashes during user peaks.

Natasha Friis Saxberg of Gignal – presenting your event online.

Mette Lykke, co-founder of endomondo a community based on free gps tracking on sports.

Malin Str̦man Рformer VP of Stardoll a game and fashion community for girls.

Silje Vallestad founder of Bipper – a safe mobile tool for your kids

Tina Aspaila founder of – a finnish national restaurant search and review site

Tuula Antola founder of Kaipaus – a company that makes beautiful scent dispensers – jewelry like.

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