Next Berlin – post-digital and physical

In a few hours, Next Berlin is beginning, and as usual I find it hard to sleep before a big event like Next Berlin is taking off. As usual I have high expectations.

What I have seen so far has been a very positive experience – there was some networking events last night that had some amazing people attending

So where will you find me in the next 2 days for NEXT Berlin?

I will be attending most of the startup/creative tracks and I hope to come home with a better notion of what some of the people in my world think will be happening post-digital. I myself believe that we are going to see more and more combinations of digital/physical objects, stores, things – all for a greater good and world. digital/physical combinations such as Thinglink and Changers is something I believe is something we are going to see more of in the future.

Right now I am really inspired by fx. Family Tech is something that moves mountains in my world (being a mother entrepreneur it’s exciting to see what’s going in that field, and it’s a combination of using digital for real-life convenience and creativity. (small stuff such as la la lunchbox and is what makes inspires me tremendously these days.)

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