Business Launching My Visionairy Concepts

Get Your Own Personal Business Mojo Going

I want to consider putting some serious effort into your business mojo.

The quick-high of the beginning of a business creation

As a business owner, sometimes you have a great product that you’re super-excited about and you just can’t wait to present it to the Whole Wide World. Your nights are filled with wonderful dreams about how people will line up to buy your product, and your days are loaded with ideas on fine-tuning and making this product greater still so nothing can go wrong.

Then you got yourself a wonderful website, your virtual shopfront a showcase of everything, and anything you can think of about this product. You got every base covered, and you started waiting in anticipation for the cash to settle in….these are good times.

The harsh reality that not all new businesses boom as expected

Just as you’re done setting up your new business filled with high hopes and expectations, reality settles in with a loud thud. Nobody seems to notice your website. Everybody seems to go past your shop door. On good days, a few trickles in but stays only on your homepage before going away – forever.

Slowly, your days become full of self-doubt and your nights are filled with nightmares straight out of a horror movie. You feel like an outcast, and the pain just won’t go away… these are bad times.
Sounds familiar? Yeah, I know the feeling of being an outcast, a social pariah. I have been through that before, on a more personal level. But I have overcome the stigma, of which I have celebrated in this blogpost.

In hindsight, perhaps the reason why I chose a career in marketing, specifically, in that super-niche world of advising company boards, start-ups, webshops, and design companies was because of my innate desire to celebrate myself; that I can still create value while being a rebel. I even give personal marketing advice to CEOs of really big companies. And I do speaking gigs on the side, initially in protest to my stage fright, but I’d come to totally enjoy these gigs now.

Having gone through the same experience as you do, I know I can help you. Yeah, whatever product you offer must be great. Perhaps the only reason why nobody cares is that nobody knows your product is there.

Don’t just sit and wait. Stand up and reach out.

The biggest mistake you can make in your business is waiting for your intended consumers to notice you. You should reach out to them. They are just out there, waiting for you. But you should initiate the contact. They are just too busy.

So, get that business mojo going and start market yourself in all kinds of quirky shapes and colors!

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