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Web Of Things Giveaway: Are You Dreaming Of Winning A Changer Starter Kit In-Time For Christmas?

Last month, when I was at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria, I hung out a lot with Daniela Schiffer from Little did she know that I had a somewhat hidden agenda! That’s right, I’ve been snooping around. My hidden agenda was to get to try the changer starter kit out in the Nordics as one of the first web of things companies up here.

And I did. Actually I have a changer kit sitting on the outside of my rooftop window right now, in the sun generating sun for my phone/camera battery and the changer community (so they won’t mock me of my 1-watt sun generated a day – it’s minus 10 degrees up here and there’s not a lot of sun in Denmark in December).

It’s cool though because I have been telling the guys from why I root for them as one of the first successful consumer products to be the web of things. Their design skills are the same as those of Apple (an early stage Apple at least)’s.brilliant. And I can’t wait to see what it will progress into. One of the reasons I choose to be the Christmas giveaway is because they actually give you a hardcore incentive to change the world through their web of things.

It’s not just “don’t use as much water as you normally do”, or “don’t drive your car everywhere”. It’s simple: gather sunbeams and save electricity.

I love the action mode of it! (and the competitiveness of the community and their marketplace). This is turning into one of those poems about love or poems about digital love at least. Anyway, to the point:

Christmas is beautiful so I decided to do my ONE giveaway, today. But what an awesome giveaway it is. A changer starter kit to get you going on changing the world. You don’t even have to make the decision to purchase one of these “retailing-for-149-EUR” babies. Because I have one for you, right here at Toothless Tiger HQ.

To participate:

Drop a comment on this article and tell me how you’re planning on changing the world radically in 2013. Go all in. If you want to tell me how I’ve helped you get further away from mainstream business as well – go ahead and write that in the comments as well.

The giveaway ends on Monday. And I will let you know Tuesday morning who won and why.

To those of you who don’t win, do me a favor and put a starter kit on your wishlist for Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho from here.

rock on

Rock on!

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