My Personal Manifesto

Expect great things

Keep on punking

Making the force be with you

Battling the status quo/the mainstream

The place where life meets money

Where brands rise out of the ashes of boredom and similarities

And where you believe in yourself and what your place should be in this world – What do you want to do? I can show you a blank canvas everywhere to make your life a more precious one. A life more in tune with the now, one that’s more inituitively guided and where you have your own little claim to fame, risen from your passion. how do you make your life more loveable ? how will you like it more ?




Stop battling the ego and the limitations inside yourself which are the only ones actually existing

Magic in your life.

Needing to stand out to fit in

Storyliving: existing in the conversation.

Remix, Reduce reuse, revisit, repurpose, then reclaim your life.

Making thoughts dreams and plans come true

The business of business should be more than business.

Cupcakes and champagne is the key to business

I believe in rockn’roll as a changing factor. and I still think that every company should be a rockband.

I believe in doing whatever you please, but you need to take the consequences for your actions.

I believe in creating instead of competing

I believe in huge risks and chances, if they feel right for you.

I believe in the beauty of any given moment.

I believe in deep breaths, yoga, and meditation.

I believe that the universe has got my back.

I know Im the best me I can be.

I believe in love.

rock on

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