Hustle Yourself Larger

eurythmics hustle

Since I read this story I have meant to write about it here on

I love good marketing hustle, but I also love Eurythmics. At the beginning of the 00s, I started out in Marketing in London. At the time, their budget was a big zero. The startup I was working for didn’t have much money, and the first thing to be eliminated from the budget was the marketing and branding. I was told that they could afford my wages, but they couldn’t afford anything more than that.

What’s a girl to do? Hustle. I hustled myself larger. There came to a point where I almost begged to be invited to “invite-only” industry parties. I was super active in forums and that is when I discovered a gem: Blogs.

Through blogging, you can build relationships online without having to meet for coffee all the time. You can make your brand larger and express everything about your company. Even if it is remotely interesting to people, there’s a better chance of getting comments this way. This would then motivate you to write even more. Eventually, the people you met in the industry will know what you are up to. It is a big hustle but it can all suddenly become real. Then you don’t have to hustle anymore.

We can all hustle. Things don’t always have to be built from the ground up. You can find a freelancer on odesk or fiverr or even hire a virtual assistant who can help you grow. Reach more people and build an empire. Just like Eurythmics.

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