Support Your Brand With Small Products

small products to support your brand

You should indulge sometimes when you continuously build your brand online as well as offline. You should do small investments to support your brand. Things such as custom-designed pencils and pens. Postcards. Envelopes.

These are just some examples of small products that may surprise people.

Such as an old school logoed letter seal (as seen above).

Such as custom made pencils:

gold pencils

Why? I believe, now more than ever, that you need something analog and real to support your (online) business and brand. I believe that everything needs to be anchored in the real world.  And luckily there are so many creative products you can choose to anchor.

You can choose to buy envelopes and postcards if you agree with this concept but I consider it a good investment to get a designer to set it up properly for you. That way, your target customers would feel more connected personally, having custom-made products specially designed for your business.

And one could argue if it’s to indulge, to send out postcards in envelopes all the time – just postage wise.

Sending out postcards and envelopes might cost you postage, that is a fact. But we can all agree that it feels more personal to receive something in the mail than to simply receive an e-mail or a quick chat.

What do you like to spend your money on? When it comes to analog items supporting your online business?

rock on

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