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There is a place in heaven for women at conferences who rock it out together

There’s an old saying by Madeleine Albright saying ” there is a place in hell for women who don’t help each other”. We’ve heard it over and over again. I would rather say that “there is a place in heaven for women who rock it out together”. If that’s so, I was in heaven this weekend, at geek girl meetup 10, together with 100 + of the fiercest women in tech in Sweden. I was so happy that I could just linger and hang out.

I had a personal goal, and it was to do my first ever presentation without a presentation, so I had written all my key takeaways down on a card, and I was so surprised that people really liked my message and my call-for-action + the presentation style. The most important thing was that I felt really good after the presentation, and it’s actually the way I personally measure whether or not a presentation has been great. If I’m happy and at peace inside, then it has been awesome.

But there were so many discussions and so many subjects going on.

So now Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen and Geek Girl Meetup 10 has happened, and I think there were a lot of things that could happen with the geek girls next, not to replace, but as an addition to the meetups. there are just so many ways we could work around geek girl that it’s hard to limit myself. Some of the things I personally would love to see is:

Now I don’t think that these initiatives should only involve women in tech, men should be very welcome as well, but the initiatives should be made by women, in order to get the geek girl stamp =)

I feel like I’m a part of a club of likeminded ladies that I can support in all their endeavors, and it’s great =)

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