Have You Been To A Climate Demonstration Yet?

Yesterday it happened again. I found myself amongst the people in front of the Danish parliament. I was screaming my lungs out for Climate Action and Greta Thunberg. It’s the second time that I have attended a climate demonstration in a couple of months. We want the politicians to legislate for climate and meet the expectations for the Paris Agreement.

It’s an important cause for me and my family. My 14-year-old daughter joined me, and had a ball, at the last ‘Fridays for future climate strike in Copenhagen.

Supporting this movement is something I see as a fundamental part of educating and empowering generation Z – they seem to be more activistic and more liberal than the millenials, and we (as parents and humanity) should support them in expressing themselves and the causes they want to stand up for, as much as possible.

Speaking of support, it’s not only for generation Z, You could support the cause too. And you should join us! Because it matters, but also because it feels like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. I have a feeling that a climate demonstration like this will be portraited in the history books as a global movement rising for the planet – something that is very needed.

I see it as something that has been inspired by other movements through time – such as Martin Luther King’s work for black lives or Nelson Mandela’s work to end apartheid. It really does matter to be activistic and it’s great to see that these movements, through time, moves in waves.

It matters to put pressure on the politicians, the public and the media on a national, European, and global level. Let’s do this!

rock on

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