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Toothless Tiger – we only build cool stuff

TK and I have since the birth of our baby girl referred to her as a “toothless tiger”. It suits her very well. Because she seemed dangerous even though she didn’t have any teeth. Now she’s just a curly tiger, with teeth, and she bites occasionally.

BUT Mads Christensen (one of the it-men in danish fashion) used the term to describe a “man who has had all the guts taken out of him – by his girlfriend”… a man who is a shadow of himself in his relationship. How tragic is that ? Hold on to yourself for dear life – man, no matter how many women tries to alter you.

and NO I am not talking about putting the toiletseat up after use, or not doing the dishes or leaving the door open. I am talking about men who has changed their priorities completely.

OHH yeah.. toothless tiger is also the name of our design studio. When it is up and running.. the criteria for toothless tiger is “we only build cool stuff”. Sounds good ?

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