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Can business literacy change the world?

Im in a process where I’m thinking a lot about the things I do business-wise, both because I’m trying to grow the tiger, having a partner in the company, but also because I am personally driven by doing good in the world. The biggest compliment I personally can get is people to say “nice initiative” to me, or “wow that was really valuable” for something I told them, an event I held, or somehow I opened their eyes towards new ways of doing things. From a business view, this isn’t a very beneficial way of doing business – but I have chosen at an early stage, to get so much love out of the compliments and the initiatives and then find other ways of doing business. It helped me “build my brand” if you will.

Yesterday, with the cat on my lap I found out what drove me down this path, why I have to do Social Media Club Copenhagen, BarCamps, geek dinners, and geek girl meetups, it’s to promote the literacy of the tools, that I love so much. It’s for people to see the creative life-and-business-changing possibilities that are on the social web. The creativity that I hold so dear, and has become my bread and butter. My voice and my mind are what is world-changing these days because I’ve decided that they need to be.

Literacy is important to me, and I think it’s my key to changing the world. I think it’s important to get people curious by expanding their horizons and then let them go out to play with it on their own terms. Literacy was world-changing for Naomi Klein and her No logo book, and it’s been world-changing for me. I hope it’s going to be world-changing for the personal device producers (such as apple computers, Siemens and Samsung) not to have their products made in something similar to concentration camps like fox con in China. I think we all know that so-called sweatshops happen and companies need to have stuff produced there to be competitive.


I believe in a world where literacy and goodness and business rockn’roll live. Where companies are rock bands because they are doing good for their surroundings, and where the return on involvement becomes higher and higher because the love of the people is endless. Together with Naomi Klein, “we” brought Nike to its knees and make it change its game. Speak up about this, people! We all need to know how our personal devices are produced.¬†Oh and instead of going to the party called SXSW this year, I think I will see if I can arrange a blogger trip to fox con, anyone in?

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