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Now tell me again: you’re a social media expert because you call bullshit on other social media experts?

Social media experts are a hunted tribe these days. There’s not one morning where I check into my feeds where I don’t see a social media expert calling bullshit on other social media experts – defining them as the internet version of bad personal coaches.

It amuses me, because it seems that these people are trying to rise above other social media experts by mocking them. Im not a person who believes in gaining stuff for myself by letting other people down.

I believe that we will see so many more social media experts in the future, because they’re needed, and we need a LOT of them to transform business around the globe – to make companies better, and to have them save the world. Because I believe that eventually it will be companies that saves the world… They just have to figure out how to do that.
Im happy to have a very dear friend, who is an über internet celebrity – it doesn’t matter who he is – he rocks and he’s one of the funniest and kindest people I’ve ever met. When he was in Copenhagen last, I brought him my danish book (he published various himself on the same subject). Now he doesn’t read danish and I don’t think he’ll ever get to read my book because of that. But as I gave it to him, I said that it was for him, because I wanted him to see my side of the social web; In danish and probably far more practical and creative than others views on the subject.

And that’s the whole point. Your side of things. Your maps and recipes for making social web working. So what if people call themselves social media ninjas ? or social web rockn’roll chick (yours truely) as long as they have something to back it? I mean we live in a business world where you can generate money by calling yourself a ninja, that’s cool beyond words – rockn’roll chick ? lovely. Who would have thought that 10 years back. Corporate is on the way to going human, and we’re getting closer everyday..

There ARE a lot of über social media experts out there – but I think they are too busy to create all of the thoughts on social media themselves. There are also a lot of people who don’t know what they’re doing, But let them practice, let them experience with it, and let them find out what works for them, let them do talks for free and for pennies. We need them on a larger scale…

Be at peace with it people!

rock on

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