Do you feel like you’re throwing gold on the streets?

The meditation part of my day is a long walk with my dog, Jarvis in the morning. I love it and it makes me connect with the world and be in the moment. I walk around town at around 6 in the morning, right when the sun is rising over Sweden and making the sky wonderfully pink.

It really is wonderful, and a great way of waking up to a sometimes hectic day. This morning in Elsinore there’s a large trash collection from the municipalities, so not only did I get to walk the dog this morning, but I also got to look at the stuff that people throw out. We have trashed a lot of stuff ourselves. The thing is that some people are making money on the large trash collection because they gather the trash from the streets that is valuable to them.

The point here is that sometimes when you trash stuff, other people see it as gold. I think it’s really important, both in business and in life. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things, but it’s often needed to open up for even more cool stuff coming in. The great thing about this is that somebody else might see it as their next opportunity, and that’s okay because you’re moving on to something else. I have had some decisions to make lately, and after this morning I know exactly what I need to do. Because of the trash on the streets, the sunrise, dogs, and life in general.

Breathe in.

rock on

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