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Want to connect to people easier? use the “add a personal message”

So, I feel really lucky because I have people adding me on FB and LinkedIn all the time – au contraire to the “open” version of Twitter – it’s where I need to accept that I will be connected to these people.

I think people are fascinating, but sometimes it seems like other people are just adding each other in one long go – even though there’s no obvious relation. Anyway, I am a bit cautious with whom I accept as “friends” both on FB and Twitter, mainly because on Facebook I sometimes put out personal stuff, and on LinkedIn, I signal something by adding you to my network. One thing you could do, when you approach me, is to tell me how I know you or why you want to connect…

I mean most communities have it (at least the communities where one of the purposes is to have people connect with each other and show off each other “friends” and connections) – both Facebook and LinkedIn have it…- the “add a personal message” function. By filling it out, it helps the people in the other end find out whether or not they want to connect with you – not by guessing from looking at your profile, but because you tell them why you want to connect.

Im not a cranky mama, but sometimes, if I have a lot of “friend/connection” requests in communities without stating why I should become friends with them – I write them a message and hear why they are interested in me. This kind of puzzles people, It’s something I do because I believe in quality far more than quantity. If you want to be a connection with me you should at least be a person I want to know and want to like. Give me a chance to get to know you, otherwise, I will kindly refer you to my Facebook page, newsletter, or RSS feed.

What do you think? is it crazy to demand this from your network – or do you just hook up with everybody regardless?

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