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Investors + startups = Rockn’roll?

at Geeknrolla it sure was. I attended Geeknrolla in London, which was an amazing and funpacked conference for investors + startups. Seriously I can’t stretch how important it is for you as a startup/investor to be at places like this. Anyway, I personally, made the trip over to Geeknrolla for researching a new project + I always  love to meet startups with fantastic ideas that they have begun to execute and show to people.

So what’s happening out there?

Au contraire to some of the previous startup events I’ve attended, the startups here were kinda scary- in a good way. Meaning they seemed super smart and it seemed like they’ve got their things really well together, like – on speed. That was really awesome to see. Also, I loved the “geeknrolla school” where the startups came back and told the audience what they have been doing in the last year (since they pitched for the first time at geeknrolla). It was so inspiring and all of them had actually done really well.

Both the talks and the panels were all well put together, and I thought a really smart move was to have journalists as moderators – they took their job seriously and it didn’t become a subjective fireside chat between friends, as it sometimes tends to when the moderator knows the people they’re interviewing already.

If I had to point to one thing that I really think was something that could be worked more on, then it was the demo area: it broke my heart to see the startups out there, most of them having 2 banners and a laptop only and just wanted to pitch their startup when you started to talk to them. That’s cool and all, but there could be so much more done, But I think crazy and curly like that. If I had a startup then I would do anything I possibly could to OWN the demo area. bring out the homemade cupcakes and the champagne. Make me feel super special visiting your “booth” and make it into your own space.

I’m kinda buzzin’ back home in Elsinore, because I really get so much energy from startup events. Geeknrolla, with its edgy, informality and something I would call “the Mike Butcher spirit” is up there at the very top (and hereby also added to my personal conference guide=)

This rockn’roll chick is pleased.

rock on

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