Have you met some HUGE diluted words lately?

“let’s adore and endure each other” – taken in Hackney, London last night

The world is filled with words and some are bigger than others =) Some of them are huge and some of them have become diluted.

For the last couple of years, statements have become huge on the internet in a “keep calm and carry on” way. Stating a lot of stuff we should be and should do. On a good day, I love them, I love that it inspires people and it makes them strive for more.

On a bad day, I think it sucks that all these great actions become words without any meaning behind them. It’s like a really bad social media presence where all these buzzwords are being mentioned (you need to authentic, trustworthy, remarkable, outstanding, epic, etc). And it’s not really the words that are my problem. My problem is that it has become so easy to make them into a game of buzzword bingo, where you just mention a lot of cool stuff, but where it doesn’t go deeper than that. To me that doesn’t seem valuable, it seems hectic and unserious.

I mean if you really want me to be to authentic – shouldn’t your primary task be, how to get me to elaborate on what authentic really means? It’s the same in the business world – I mean everybody is talking about some “smart fancy thing” but should you instead of talking about it, see if it would fit your company and start to implement it? To me, these words become diluted because everybody is mentioning them and not a lot of people go into detail around them.

There are some people out there who really can put action behind buzzwords just by mentioning them, but that’s because of the identity of the person who says the words. it’s about her esteem (or Klout score or whatever, you choose =)

Anyway it would be SO cool if we, instead of doing the buzzword bingo – started to elaborate a bit more on what is it that we use these fantastic HUGE words for, because in that aspect they truly can be world-changing =)

rock on

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