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The preconditions for viral effects

Viral effect is all I live and work by these days. Here’s something I have drawn up for you:

the preconditions for viral effects on the social web infogram

I love to create infograms and stuff like that. I recently published my involvement manifesto. But today I give you something less serious and more playful: the preconditions of viral effects on the social web infogram. Something you can turn to if you want to enhance the word-of-mouth of your brand on social media. It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s a good pointer on what I think viral effect takes.

Viral effect to me, is all about brand love

And it’s about generating content on a regular basis to keep the Brand love alive. It’s about listening to what’s happening out there around your brand. And it’s about being proactive in your approach to making your branding happen.

If you want my viral effect infogram, it’s up in a larger size, it’s up on  Toothless Tiger Press for grabs as well as Toothless Tiger and pinterest

Hope you’ll love it to pieces

rock on

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