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Am I ready for some Data Love ?

So this minute I am sitting on the early train from Copenhagen to Berlin for some Data Love. Im heading down there for some days to do some intensive product writing, and participate in Next 11. – a conference I have been to before (next09/2009 where I did a speech about rockbandism, derived from my e-book”why every company should be a rockband” and later my book “return on involvement”). Anyway, the conference has moved – from Hamburg to Berlin since last time, and I wonder how much it will move me. I really dig their subject – “data love” but to say that I love data makes me sound geeky beyond anything =). I also loved their subject last time I was there; “shared economy” – something very relevant these days due to my evercontinious work with Coworkingboat Pan and the launch of the danish crowdfunding site (where Pan is one of the first projects – YEY !) But the “Data Love” subject to me is so huge, that I am afraid that people won’t be able to reflect on it. When I think about it through and through, teaching and preaching data is what I live off and by – but still I like to wrap it up nicely, because the word “data” to me is very mathematical and not very creative at all – I’ve done some reflections on it, from an identity, marketing and branding perspective and here’s what I came up with:

Data is the mother of “Content” – Creativity is the father These two determinators makes up the whole world of the internet and digital, as I see it. Great content is one of the building blocks to enhance your identity, marketing and branding online. You can’t really have data without creativity,  when you talk about digitalizing. Data is something tangible because it has already been done, where creativity is very intangible.

Data provides the structure Data is such a huge topic that everything digital or mobile or coded has some sort of data. I mean to me it’s something huger than the internet – so I am wondering how the elaboration and the moderation is going to be afterwards. How do you take the subject of data and make it digestible ? I hope I become wiser on that subject at Next.

Data is the digital building block of – well everything Making a conference about Data and your relationship to it, is kind of like making a conference about the whole universe – or what started the universe.

Data has changed the way we rock live Everything can now be documented because of data and it has changed the way we live. It’s not just a minor change, it has changed the whole world – including everything. It has forced businesses to come to terms with, that every step is documented and the reaction to that: transparency and the need to show the world that we as businesses are doing epic worldchanging shit.

That being said, I hope that next will reach philosophical data heights – and I hope to become smarter on the data subject.

rock on

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