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So – Next11 in Berlin ended two days ago. And I am back in Elsinore, Denmark and elaborating on a bunch of stuff about the conference.

One of the things I really REALLY love about my work, is that I get to go to conferences and write about  them . I think it rocks – it let’s me give some practical and philosophical views on things + it get’s me in contact with the coolest people in the tech/startup scene + it let’s me visit awesome cities.

It let’s me relate to really big topics like “Data Love” this years topic of Next11. There where so many cool things going on at next11 and so many smart and cool people, that I just want to suck dry of data. So I have decided to write a lot about the topic “Data Love” both because the topic is huge, but also because it’s a really valuable topic to work around. I was just in the international track listening to Kevin Slavin who partly talked about algorithms that makes you smarter, or you could also say algorithms that makes you sell more from a business perspective. Like “recommend stuff to people and they would buy more” – stuff like that. If you have the algorithms that makes you smarter – if you know what people might do, when they’re on your site, you can make more money.

At another glance, it seemed like, that a lot of companies collects all this data, but they don’t quite know how the could optimally use it. In a lot of the talks I attended in the international track – at some point during the talk it seems like there was a bunch of companies that where in doubts about how they could use the data. Parts of me got semi-worried when I found out how much the big brands actually knows about you.

On another hand, I think that currently the worst thing that could happen to all of this data, if they decided to do something more effective with it, would be to target more stuff-that-Im-inclined-to-purchase at me. I mean it would make the targeting much easier and more relevant for me. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a bad thing =)

rock on

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