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Cool Confident One-Liners for Business

One of the things I really love about Pinterest is the amount of cool confident one-liners for business. If you would like to see my favorites you can check them out here.

Just think about this for a second, rockers. There is one and only one mental dynamic as business owners. It’s also the most important thing to know about business; knowing the relationship between your thoughts and how you feel.  It’s important to realize that you are constantly thinking and that it’s been estimated that the average Joe has around 50,000 thoughts per day.

Some of these thoughts are positive and productive. Like this mini-toothlesstiger-hub I have been planning to set up. This hub-in-the-making is all about newsjacking. A new trend in marketing (well, what else?) where you ride the big news to bring attention to your brand. It’s been keeping me all pumped up with excitement these days. I just can’t help but think of the positive ways it can help brands that are short on the marketing budget.

Unfortunately, many of these thoughts also reside in negative emotions: anger, fear, pessimism, and anxiety. These emotions foster self-doubts and can effectively ruin your day.

I am confronted with two choices when dealing with negative thoughts. Either I take them seriously, in which case I study them deeply. Or I take them lightly, in which case I reduce them to a lower status where they rightfully belong.

I generally take the path of least resistance by just dismissing the negative thoughts aside and relegating them to the back of my mind. Sure, it takes a lot of practice in self-control to achieve this but I always find it’s all worth the effort. Why waste my time and energy thinking of every possible scenario that could possibly go wrong when I can better serve my days by concentrating on the things that could possibly go right?

Everything that begins in your mind ends up in your heart, folks. Your heart feels what your mind accepts. If your mind is full of potential business problems, then your professional, as well as your personal life, will be filled with anxiety. Relationships will suffer and you’re going to be unhappy.

But if your mind is fixed on the exciting solutions to every possible problem around your business, then your life will be filled with inspiration. You will see problems as mere jumping boards so you can soar higher; unforeseen events as opportunities and not as conspiracies out to demolish you and your business. You will feel good, satisfied, and happy.

Showing confidence will reflect good both in your personal or business matters. Let it show by coming up with confident one-liners that will surely mean good business to you as an entrepreneur.

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