Changing my own game from fear to love

Here’s a personal rant for you… =)

So – I’m happy to say, that lately, I’ve been feeling happier than ever before. Those people who know me well also know that I was about to give it ALL up last winter and set the Toothless Tiger free and get a daytime job somewhere at some agency or something. I was so frustrated with how things went and how I looked at myself, I was so frustrated with all the fighting within myself. I spent a lot of days playing sims 3, World of Warcraft, and walking around in my PJ. I was wondering why these “things were happening to me” constantly. And then I met an angel.

She interviewed me for her podcast and we connected on a whole different level than most… I guess she was one of the first people to really SEE my pain and my ….well… hatred towards myself. She gave me some resources that I cherish to this day. I quickly decided that I needed to step up to the plate and be who I was meant to be. The person that everybody else was talking about in huge terms, but that I personally couldn’t relate to – this kick-ass lady called “Henriette Weber”… hmm who was she ?. anyway I decided that I couldn’t be afraid anymore. Fear wouldn’t get me anywhere. I was a cruise to get un- afraid of stages or speaking gigs or criticism or fingerpointing. I’m in total control. I’m a free bitch baby.

I needed to claim my throne and I needed to see that my work, the things I’ve made and written, and events I’ve created were not just “valuable” to others -they were world-changing at least – to most. I needed to not only love what I was doing and feel blessed for the opportunity that I’ve gotten – I needed to love myself as well.

And you know what? I’m finally getting there. I’ve done so much soul searching you wouldn’t believe it. Today I’ve prioritized things in my work life that has made me step up as a leader and CEO of the coolest company around (mine=). And I’m steering this ship with confidence and love, (also thanks to my darling  business advisor Mercedes, My husband TK, and Mark, my partner in Toothless Tiger) – not just because it’s expected of me since I’m the founder and the knowledge behind the company, but also because… I love it. I am even starting to do more workshops and speaking gigs again, and writing more, and letting myself write more. Because it’s the heart of the business.. my curly hair, huge laugh, and simplifying the social web for all of you…

All you need is Love =)

rock on

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