Undercover fashion tech a la creme

The le web 11 feeling in retrospect.

So this draft was created on the last day of the Le Web conference in Paris, but I first got around to finish it now.

Le Web has been a very interesting experience. Even though it has been very different from last year- a lot of fantastic people were met, speakers spoke, friends dined and cool British bands such as the thing tings were experienced. All compiled in 4 days in Paris.

I think to some extent the Le Web conference is like a fashion show.

In one of the presentations, somebody used the phrase “undercover fashion tech a la creme”. To me it describes Le Web very well; It’s the best of the best in tech and you’re left mesmerized. I think Le web has become for tech what Paris is for the fashion scene. The conference is so well curated so if you’re leaving Le Web not knowing what is going to happen within the next 2 – 3 years, then you haven’t been paying attention at all at the conference.

Le Web has become the European event hub that’s most vital for your business.

You need to be present as a startup or as a coolhunter/trendspotter. There were some agencies down there who I overheard a conversation by, and they had simply thought that they would get a recipe for social media they could sell to their clients (if that’s what you want – feel free to contact me over at and I can help you out). But they didn’t get the whole startup/venture capitalist part of the conference. Some of them were annoyed that it seemed like that the whole conference was more about startups and what they are building. But you need to know this – even as an agency. You need to know what cool ideas are out there – executed by the finest in Europe.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Le Web again next year. It’s my December kick and a good way to ignite and plan for 2012 =)

rock on

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