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Yes, you can market on Pinterest if you are pinteresting

So everybody is head over heels about pinterest. So am I. Even though I normally say “nevermind the the tools, it’s about how to connect with the people+businesses that uses them” I think pinterest is super fun.

It’s not boring and community-setup like Facebook and Twitter and what have you. Pinterest is different. But do you know what I really LOVE about it? That in order to use it for marketing purposes you need to become creative. “Creative companies only” that wants to go the extra mile to exist on Pinterest. Because you HAVE to figure out what you stand for.

On Pinterest, You have to figure out why your  interesting and turning it into pinteresting

Hey I know – that’s normally my job – and Pinterest may end taking me out of business – but we’re all here for a greater purpose and if it means i need to sit in a grocery store from 9 – 5 each day in order for companies to see the light and figure out who they really are…? so be it.

I think it’s one of the new ways of using the web- I love that it makes me more inspired. My life seems interested in Pinterest and to tell you the truth I kind of got tired of browsing all your status updates in my spare time.

Now I can browse things you think is cool instead. I love the idea that if I look at my “the style of a social web rockn’roll chick” or my “things for my small cottage up north” I can get a pretty good style and interior design book. Because this is stuff I love enough to share with my network. It was the same when I worked with Fashiolista there I suddenly could see that there was a style when I put things together.

Why you Pinterest’ noisy and can’t see how it can be used for marketing purposes.

Yes, it is noisy. It used to be filled with bible verses and now my part of Pinterest is filled with Infograms about digital – which I repin to my Toothless Tiger board. If you can’t see how it can be used for marketing purposes, you need to look again and harder.

Every pin on Pinterest has a link back to something – So why not your site?

So are you telling me to work on becoming pinteresting? YES. If coming up with a cool quote or turning your content into a collage and take a picture of it and uploading it to your site and pinning it to Pinterest is work – then you need to do it. Get your lazy butt off your couch, stop talking about yourself and get creative. Sure it takes a little bit more effort to turn your content into images or quotes. But I did it twice now (these two are personally Henriette Weber crafted for research purposes – no worries I will turn them glossier and my involvement manifesto and my preconditions of viral effects is also made for Pinterest.

It means that Pinterest these days is my number 8 referral site in google analytics to – and I’m not even getting started.

In my world, it works and it super fun – and it’s viral-like.. well hell. It’s perfect for stores. I persuaded to get in there and start pinning (disclaimer: client) and they even put the Pinterest icon on their website… (they have massively cool stuff). Just don’t be full of yourself and if you want to turn on the marketing a bit, there’s always the comment field for proactivity.

rock on

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