What is the age and achievements of people in your network?

Yesterday I wanted to create the “body of work” for both myself and Toothless Tiger. It was a fun journey I am still on. Seeing what I have done with my business life in the last 8 years is nothing short of epic and mind-blowing for me, especially since it all has been done with my voice and thoughts and actions flowing from my mouth and fingertips.

A dear friend of mine asked me a couple of days back if I knew any really cool programmers who would be interested in joining a startup he wanted to create. I know a lot of really cool programmers – but au contraire to 5 years ago – they are all working with really cool startups now. I couldn’t name one of them saying “this guy would be cool for you to work with” -because they are all pretty busy and seem really happy where they are.

A couple of months back – a dear friend of mine, Yohanna Idha I have known for many years was rewarded best actress at the film festival in Stockholm for her role in the Swedish movie “Katinkas Kalas”.

Today one of my top inspirations Soulaima Gourani was nominated as a young global leader by World Economic Forum.

I feel so blessed that this is starting to happen to people around me! it’s so WOW and it really confirms my belief that we ARE changing the world for the better and we have the whole business side of things behind us.

It makes me want to step up my game even further and see where Im heading… I have 2 years on Soulaima =)

Wish me luck

rock on

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