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the Return on Involvement needs to come from yourself

Tomorrow I’m giving a talk at KEA about ROI=ROI – it’s a talk about return on involvement equals a return on investment – or the other way around. I have been digging deeper into it this week. Oh! – I can reveal to you, that for the first time I’m going to be on stage without any presentation or notes – it’s just going to be me – on stage.. talking about Return on involvement and why I think it’s so important that I’m re-writing my danish book in English – making it the 2nd edition and see if I can stir up some English waters as well =).

Anyway one of the things I have found over the last couple of days was that the Guru of New have published two articles that are a part of the pillars of his new e-book “how not to be an e-hole on twitter” entitled “want to an e-hero on twitter” and “Focus Group confessions: the real reason they retweet you“.

They came at the exact right time for me to put three fat lines under my statement “involvement needs to come from yourself”. I think you should head over to the three above links to see what his findings are=)

Anyway what I emphasize again and again in my talks is that content dies after a while. Just because you’re putting something up on the internet doesn’t mean you’ve launched it. Just because your app got accepted in the app store doesn’t mean it’s launched. Just because you’ve built it, doesn’t mean the traffic is going to be there. You need to keep feeding it repeatedly.

The same proactivity you have to show around involvement. share some love. On this blog – I can see the numbers rising at an incredible pace if I, during the day – is active on twitter as well – not just pushing messages but retweeting and talking.

So remember: Involvement needs to come from yourself – share some love, Likes, and RT’s and the business karma will come back to you thousandfold.

rock on

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