Yohanna Idha – award-winning actress and digitally curious

I love my business contacts. So much that in a lot of cases I call them my business rockers. Today I want you to meet Yohanna Idha – a friend of mine.

The first person I want you to meet is a fine lady. So fine that she has even won “best actress” at the Stockholm film festival this fall. Her name is Yohanna Idha and I have been so fortunate to work with her a couple of years back on some projects and now she is a Swedish movie star taking over the world.

here’s her answers to some questions I asked her:

What are you working on right now ?

I am performing and producing the theatre play “truth motherfucker” which revolves around lifting the feelings and experiences today’s youth carry. We are gathering 5000 stories on the Internet to tell the truth about how people really feel and to show that they are not alone. From those we will chose 50 stories over the course of 3 yrs which will be performed and end in a festival 2014. A bold project which will hopefully change the way we deal with “problems”.

I am also rehearsing the Hamlet Machine which will premiere in May and is a collaboration with French director Clyde Chabot.

So you received the best actress award from the Stockholm film festival for your part in Katinkas Kalas – how has that changed your life?

First of all, it was a confirmation for me. It is so easy to start doubting your own ability. Winning this award will forever be a reminder for me that my work and passion are of value to someone else. From a business point of view, The award helped put me on the map as an actress.

You’ve always been digitally curious and I have been so lucky to work with you on some projects, are you thinking about any changes to your digital brand, marketing, and identity as it is now?

I am constantly reflecting on marketing tools and the way I present myself on the Internet and in person. It becomes even more important when People begin to recognize who you are…

Can you list 5 tips for anyone out there who wants to work the movies as you do? What has been pivotal for you?

1: Education and training. Being an actress is being a tool the same way being a dancer is. As Actors, we need constant training to develop ourselves and our emotional range.

2: Find a safe place within yourself. Being subjected to constant rejection and judgment can drain you and alter your personality in ways that aren’t constructive. Find a place within yourself where you feel mentally safe and go back to that place when things feel rough around you.

3: Take care of your body. Be prepared

For whatever challenges you may encounter. Taking care of your body is essential to be the best you can be and being healthy and happy.

4: Be professional. Be on time, learn your lines, be prepared and act professionally towards EVERYONE you meet. Small mistakes can lead to great losses!

5: work, work, work.

No one else will do it for you! The sooner you start realizing that you are a company and that all companies need lots of work – the better you’ll do for yourself.

I’ve included the link to the trailer of Katinka’s Kalas you can see Yohanna in action here.

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