Excuse me when I fight for wild spirits..

…As well as diversity, quirkiness, and people who need tools to follow their dreams.

So it’s international women’s day today. Already my Facebook feed is filling up with “happy Women’s day”. Google has a lovely ’70s purple and flowers feel over it. Men are asking when it’s people’s day and they are missing the point.

It’s not about us. It’s about people in need – people who don’t have freedom, and in large parts of the world – most of these are women. Over the last couple of years, I have written a blog post on this very day and see what has changed inside of me.

This year I won’t be fighting for my own women’s rights. From my own personal experience, I don’t think I have a lot left to fight for on the external side as a woman. However, I am doing a lot of personal fighting on the inside of me, standing up for my own rights, not as a woman – but as a person trying to realize her own dreams and feeling incredibly blessed while I do it.

I feel grateful for the women in the past that has made this possible for me. I feel grateful for my strong line of awesome women in my family. And I think it’s my duty to fight and carry that revolution further – for those who need it.

But I don’t feel like I need it. I feel blessed because I have a company that is going fairly well, I have people paying me to give them my input on digital – oh and I get to work from my couch or my bed or my dining table if I want to.

I don’t do 9 – 17 very well, never have – because it has interfered with the rest of my life when I have been employed.

It’s not that I don’t acknowledge that there’s a need for international women’s day or there are some women that are worth fighting for. I just think we should use it not to fight for us as a gender, but fighting for the women and children out there that are in need and are being repressed. I think my problem is, that I don’t feel repressed. I feel better than I have in years. Maybe it’s because I have some board posts, a book and I know that I’ve worked my way there myself. I have my own voice, and I believe that Im changing the world bit by bit by using it.

My ego would love some more board post, not based on my gender, but based on my digital curly and creative profile. When it comes to boards, I don’t want the old-boys-club-of-friends to continue – however I don’t know a CEO who’s interested in that either.

I’m convinced that the business world needs diversity and quirkiness in their boards – but I don’t care if it’s a cool lady or a cool lad sitting there – as long as they know that the businesses are going in particular trouble if they don’t get them into the management of the companies.

Not the suits. The tattooed people, the ones who draws on napkins all the time and the ones that are urging for action. I want those people on the boards.

Not the gender, but the minds that are lacking on the boards.

I know a lot of cool women. And I know some women who has faked it ’til they’ve made it. As well as cool men and douchebags. I want the people with substance who can show their body of work and say “this is what I’ve done and that’s why I’m qualified”.

To be on boards because they will help actions along the way. To me it is inevitable that there are going to be more women on the boards. Research is showing that it’s good for business, but In some cases the boards are asleep and the people who are supposed to question everything are silenced and are thinking… “ahhh.. why bother”.

I would rather fight for everyone who is out there who has been victimized by themselves.

The ones that are a sorry excuse for themselves.

The ones who are in constant denial about who they are and what they are doing here.

The ones that don’t want to change the world or can’t see how to change it. The ones that are thinking “oh that education was really wrong because there are no jobs out there for me right now”, even though they have been passionate about that subject since they were kids.

Just because there aren’t any jobs out there in your field – doesn’t mean that you took the wrong education – it probably means that you need to fight a bit harder for what it is you want. If you have ever thought about what it is you want. Sometimes it scares me how many people just go along with the moment and don’t define stuff like this for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with you.

I’m not saying you should stop searching for jobs and become an entrepreneur if it’s not your thing – I’m just saying you should get your creativity on, become more of a wild spirit, create some plans beyond your wildest dreams and see if you can get there – bit by bit.

I think that’s really important to me today. Waking people up from their lullabies and say “fight for what you believe in, and if you don’t know what that is, fight to find out”.

Become curious again.

Learn something new. All that aside, I know that there are women out there that needs fighting for.

I know that are people enslaved and I get chills down my spine when I think of it. I can’t stand it. I’m fighting for them today.  Not women as myself, compared to other women, I don’t feel an urge to fight for myself, I feel an urge to fight for the places in the world where they don’t have the tools or the society to live a good life. I am fighting for the ones who needs fighting. For better lives, more love, less sickness. The ones who needs to feel safe and who needs some tools to follow their dreams.

rock on

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