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Success to me in one word? puke-able

I have an advisory board (funnily enough – they are all LADIES!) in Toothless Tiger/ – and I love them to pieces – however there are a couple of people who I want to have on my advisory board, but they don’t have the time. They are busy doing other things which I totally respect!

So I did something really smart (I think) I told these people – whom I respect enormously,  that they where a part of my “skype trusted power posse”, meaning people I skype with from time to time – when Im going crazy having my own business and I don’t know if there’s anybody in the whole world feeling like i do.

The Power posse is not formal, but it’s reaching out to people who I can talk to about anything.

You know what? Most of the times there is people out there feeling the same way as I do.  Yesterday I had written an email to Martin telling him  some very personal business stuff that I have going on about succes and you know.. “getting there” as a business owner.

Well knowing that I am already “there” and I have achieved a 100.000 things in my time running Toothless Tiger. I think I want the structure and the calmness of feeling that I am succesful. It’s an over-ambitious uncertainty of mine. I feel the whole world is further ahead than me. Anyway Martin said these words (and I quote:) “Puke on success. Seriously. Fuck it.” I took them in, success is now puke-able to me.

Instead he said “focus on creating value” all the time. I get that. I love to make people happy. I love to share the love. Send an email to that prospect hearing them out how they are doing. Talk to your suppliers. Forget about the hecticness of social media. Just reach out to people and create value – and set up a structure where you ensure that they get that value over and over again. Succes is hereby banned from my vocabulary, it has such a negative effect on me=)

rock on

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