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Rockbandism: Create, display your business, and then go party!

As you’re probably aware, there’s a large part of my business life that is driving on a very special fuel: rockn’roll. It’s something that I’m super happy for, especially that other people are inspired by, and are using as means for more inspiration in business and (rockn’roll) leadership. Something I wouldn’t do without, and something that divides the waters around me – either you love it – or you think is kind of silly. It’s something that makes me love the rockn’roll fuel even more – because it’s narrowing my group of people down for me, which is awesome.

I love the edge that rockn’roll brings to business (I wrote about it in my free ebook called “why every company should be a rockband”) and it can move and shake everyone basically. Mainly because, that if you start to look at your business (or your board even) as a rockband and structuring your workday as a rockn’roll would get instant gratification from the surroundings – you get more creative in your approach because that’s what rockn’rollers do – they create, they display their art and then they go party.

However, what I call “rockbandism” (a company’s ability to rock) has changed over the years.  Because of one thing actually: technology.  How you navigate technology is key because you have to constantly figure out where the market (aka. the people is going) and adapt.

So what am I saying here – well that they ways you can display your business is growing by the day. You need to have somebody out there (both at networking events but also on your chosen social media) that can help your message come across to the people that potentially would really love your work.

Okay so more and more platforms Henriette, how do I navigate that? Well first of all you need to prioritize some of them.  And set up a system so you are aware of the rest of them Рand potentially prioritize them in the future.

Also you need to get creative and see a content side to everything you do. Could be that it’s just a picture snap or a tweet – maybe something broader like a videoshow or an e-book around a great idea you have.

Then you display your business content to your audience, just get it out there 20 times a day.

And then you go party. ( I will do that later today as a part of my work as an official blogger for Next Berlin)Which mean talk to people. At networking events (preferably you’ve been working on some ingenious idea to capture these people in your business loop). Sometimes you can even go party online – BUT Im convinced that nothing really beats getting people to see you rock it off in real life=)

rock on

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