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The death of me as an entrepreneur and freelancer

Lately, I have begun to think about my business-self with more clarity where there used to be confusion. I think I have been confused because there were so many things I needed to put into boxes, no matter how I viewed my business-self. Because there were two categories I could fit in, either the entrepreneurial category or the freelancer category. I really don’t mind either, but I guess I don’t see myself as belonging to either one. Oh yeah, that – and then all these official blogger gigs at conferences also confused me. Because basically I just feel really happy to be able to work on my own, writing about identity/branding/involvement/tech/tendencies – all these things and actually steer my personal battleship into however way I want to conquer the world.

I’m happy to be able to work on my own dream instead of someone else’s.

I’m really happy to get up in the morning and write stuff down and find out what or who it is I need to channel today, or what part of my internal MOJO needs to come out.

Any way I can name quite a few people like me. That works like this. Who doesn’t fit into one box or the other? Who are happy being on their own, who advise and consult bigger companies? Who works on generating products and books and changing the world on a large scale? Who is not an entrepreneur or a freelancer but whose primary fuel is passion, who has no need to grow any company bigger, but just really enjoy where they are? Because they see themselves as having a huge impact on the world. Their trail and footstep are bigger because their agenda is bigger. They want change. They want business unusual. They want involvement.

I guess we are some sort of artists in disguise. Writers. Photographers. Everything is autodidact though. We are publishing every day to create bigger artworks. More value. More meaning.

I guess it’s just my curly hair that won’t fit inside the entrepreneur or the freelancer box. I can’t really align myself with one or the other. Therefore I’ve decided just to be me, and live up to my own expectations of how to run a business, of how to do sales and accounting, and all these things. Because I know what works for me and what I feel great doing =) And in my mind, that’s not as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur.

rock on

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