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Return on Involvement = Return on Investment

A couple of months back I was invited to do a KEA talk on “return on involvement = return on investment” at Copenhagen Commerce Academy. It’s kind of like their own version of TED talks and I really dug it. I decided just to be me and let things come to me naturally knowing that the universe had got my back. The feeling I had after the talk was amazing and that’s always how I deem my success as a public speaker on digital tendencies and strategies, branding, involvement and social media. If I don’t feel amazing or good afterward then I’m not pleased.

Return on Involvement = return on investment

Public speaking has always been a mystery to me. Seriously, it was one of the reasons I started Toothless Tiger. Suddenly companies were calling me to hear me speak on blogging (like 9 years ago). But I never really liked it much as a business artform, I liked writing much better, but I know that you need to do both to generate as much content around you as possible – Online as well as offline.

I met a fantastic lady at a private event a while back and she was telling me that one of the talks I did, that I thought was the worst ever (really I think it was so bad) she said that it had been a highlight for her. I told her that, in my opinion, it was rock bottom when it came to public speaking for me. It could only get better from there.

Somewhere after that, I decided that no matter if I was nervous or I thought I did amazing, the messages came across really well and people loved it.

I decided to be me and channel whatever was coming through me, this time on the subject of involvement. Doing some sort of structure in my head and go with it and not attach myself to a presentation. Because that’s not my thing. It confuses me more than it does me good.

rock on

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