Spectacular, Spectacular! Is Theater The Future of Business Conferences?

Sometimes, when I attend different business conferences, there’s always a part of them I really want to stay in. It’s the “how-to” startup mode with the speakers who are actually turning their audience into something more than an audience. They are turning the people in the audience into hardcore implementers for a while together with them as facilitators, something I have always admired.

When I attended the Alexander Ă–sterwalder workshop on business model generation at the pioneers festival in Vienna last week, I think I knew exactly where the super cool organizer (Per Torberger) of Aggro Pekuliar wants me to head when I speak at his event in Stockholm. A touch of internet, business, future, and with a whole lot of theater!

Business conferences like this have been long awaited for me. It’s so much more worthwhile for people to attend an experience instead of a conference. Somewhere where it’s ok not to wear a suit and you, in addition to concrete business implementation, also get a theme where the presenters are auteurs in a larger scheme set out by the organizer. You take so much more to your home. So when Per asked me to turn my keynote into something there, which challenges the audience, I said “you betcha”. If there’s one thing I know, it’s not to walk on water, but to actually divide the waters =).

Still, an experience of business unusual

Anyway, in my case, it’s going to be an experience of business unusual. An experience stirred up with company preparedness and executed by my creative value loop. It was first introduced in my e-book, “Rock Your Identity”. Now, it is also one of the cornerstones in my coming book (in English this time rockers!) together with my Involvement Manifesto. Actually, at Aggro Pekuliar, I will turn into a brand magician and create an audience full of rocking identities on their way to create business unusual themselves. How? Well, you have to wait and see.

PS. There might be bunnies and doves!

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