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What Is Going To Be New at Le Web of things?

The first week of December is something I look forward to every year. It is because it’s spent at Le Web, in Paris. As an official blogger writing about the tricks and trends of the internet, business, and tomorrow. This year, the conference theme is “Web of Things” or “Le Web of Things” as I call it.

So what do I expect of Le Web this year? 

Every time I go to Le Web, the thing I foremost expect is excellent networking and people. So far, it hasn’t let me down. It’s my 5th Le Web and every time, I come back to the north with loads and loads of cool movers, shakers, new friends, and so on and so forth. Also, if I can get some of the “chills” from some of the talks that I usually do, I’m sure to come back with brand new ideas especially about the market of the web of things and how it’s progressing.

Is the speaker lineup really the web of things?

However, one of the things I was really puzzled by was the part of the speaker line up that has already been published. If someone’s going to talk about the web of things, I would have expected, well, a more web of things packed line up. I can see that Koubachi is there, ninjablocks as well.

But what about my new obsession, The Berlin-based company who is rocking my world because of their “web of things” consumer products. The company that is urging people to change the world by capturing sunbeams themselves with a solar panel and use it to charge your computer, phone, and other digital devices? Add a community and a marketplace and you’re looking at one of the most interesting startups in the world (as I see it). Where is evrythng?

I know the tickets for the conference are very expensive, especially for startups, but see it as an investment. I will almost guarantee you that you will get it back 100 folds. Really, the network this event attracts doesn’t have it’s equal anywhere really.

See you there?

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