Trigger Creative Conference – Brand Your Band Workshop

Last week, I did a workshop called “Brand Your Band”. It was at Trigger Creative Conference in Borlänge, Sweden where I shared my thoughts on rockbandism. I also featured my oldie-but-goodie ebook, “why every company should be a rockband“.

It was co-hosted by Niclas “Deeped” Strandh and Jesper Wallerborg Almerud.

I had the time of my life running the “Brand Your Band” workshop. It was my first ever music industry conference, and hopefully not my life. I just loved the feeling at Tiger. All the nearness that is sometimes missing from tech-conferences-of-today (that I normally write from and speak at) was there. Bart Omlo, the organizer, and his team gave me a couple of epic nights. And I will be able to tell my grandchildren that I heard a Swedish rock band. They’re called Great Garb and they were awesome! They played a gig just for us “VIPs” right next to the Swedish Lake Runn.

great garb at trigger creative

The lake where nearby Gustav Vasa hid from the Danes, kicked them out of Sweden and became king of Sweden. I’m not totally sure about this story tho. So if any Swedes are reading this and are thinking “boy, is she wrong”, then please mention it in the comments so I don’t look like a total ass =)

My First Music Conference Experience

Being at my first music conference ever was a blast, the crowd wasn’t too big or too small, just how I like it. Why? Because it makes sure that you actually get to meet everybody. I got home to Helsingør being energized and with a ton of cool ideas, inspiration, and a ton of cool people in my pocket (well their business cards at least) that are also working creatively – just with music instead of branding, activism, substance, and involvement.

And… Here’s our collective world record for very bad ideas summed up in a “bad idea manifesto”. You can’t see the words here, but head over to Pinterest for full insights on bad ideas. (Remember rockers, it’s all about the statements)

Unfortunately, I had to leave on the 2nd day of the conference. I missed the last party which people told me was crazy fun.

Some of my other highlights were the people at the conference (they deserve the second mention), the bands: Me The Tiger, The Deer Tracks, Good Harvest, Doris Hopp, Million Dollar Babies,

And a special mention to BoomTown who’s a music incubator to support music in Dalarna. How awesome is that?

So if any of you ever want my curly head in Borlänge again, I would love to come!

rock on

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