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Thou shall not take shit – stop ruining your business MOJO

A while back I pinned this picture on Pinterest, saying “Thou shall not take shit”. it’s from a swedish illustrator called Ylva Skarp (and you can see and buy her awesome work here).

Anyway during the summer I have been reading a lot of business books (the personal MBA, never eat alone, the go-giver (again)) and they all seem to emphasize on bringing in the business by being nice to people and give, give, give. And yes I think it’s important but I also think that Ylva’s print says it all. Don’t take shit from anybody.

I really like Don Draper – he reminds me of my grandfather – my grandfather who smoked 60 cigarettes a day and told me one of my most important lessons in life “do whatever you want but take the consequences as well”. I quickly found out that if I wasn’t prepared to take the consequences then I should probably should not do whatever I want, but whatever I was comfortable with (including the consequences). Anyway Don says various times in Mad Men: “let’s talk business” cutting it down to the chase and heading straight for the champagne and the signature on the paper. Not taking any bullsh*t.

Today I got a mail from a conference I have been writing and submitted a guest article for, and the reply to the mail was “oh we didn’t have time to publish it on our blog, can you publish it on your own blog and just link to us“? Well first of all then it isn’t a guest article. Secondly, then it’s kind of wasted energy on my side scoping my article to fit into your concept. Thanks a lot.

It made me think of the client (and the potential client) that never answers my email or never calls me back.

It made me think of the time after a 4 hour pitch, proposal, and presentation the answer was “we think we need to get back and evaluate what it is we really want from you”. Whereafter I wrote them a long mail saying “I don’t think we’re a match”, where I should have written “I don’t want to deal with your crap”.

Oh! or that time where an agency wanted me to come in and do a bid on a social media campaign, so they could see where they got it the cheapest. Where I said “sorry guys and girls, I don’t compete on price”.

So I want to talk business – but Im not into wasting my time. Im not doing it anymore –  it’s my summer 2012 resolution. Because:

-Unanswered emails (especially after the 2nd or 3rd one) is getting me down.

-Not-returned phonecalls is making feel like a fool.

-And cases and recommendations that you told me you would do and then completely ignore me, is making me fell somewhat of a failure.

Maybe Im super-sensitive, but some people are ruining my mojo here!

So I’ve stopped taking sh*t from anybody.

I think you should do the same.

Remember we’re all business rockers of the revolution! let’s get the retro 60s feel back to business (sans the cigarettes)

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