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Inner Business Bliss: Feeling Bad-Ass Much?

I really like to measure stuff, internally and externally around my business and me as a business owner. And one of the things I often end up looking at internally is how bad-ass I feel as an entrepreneur.

Bad ass, to me, is to show confidence in everything I do. A personal goal of mine is to make sure that it’s there most of the time. I could call it self-confidence in my work life, but bad-ass-ness makes more sense to me. And let’s face it, sometimes you’re doing amazing and everything is cool. You feel Bad-ass but other times not so much. Last night, I got all kinds of downs professionally because I don’t feel like I’m writing enough.

I know that to some people, I am probably doing a lot. I am running a consultancy, a startup, and I want to be champion of all trades so I want to write more books as well. Mostly to honor my creativity. But to be honest, I didn’t feel that bad-ass last night.

When that happens, I do two things. Get my act into gear and start doing more of the things that I feel like I’m missing out of like writing. And then I go back and think that I’m responsible for my own happiness. Not my dog, not my clients, not the husband or the daughter. But just me. If there’s something I don’t like, I need to get smarter about it and change it. Buy some books. Spend more time reading and producing at night instead of watching Orange Is The New Black with the man. I should get a mentor in some field or hire somebody to help me out. I should smarten up and get going.

But I feel like these days, the things I really LOVE; things that are super important for the long-term success of my business life like writing books, are something I keep postponing because there’s a lot of other stuff to do. So I need to start delegating to other people so I can feel bad-ass again.

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