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“Don’t Be So Accessible When You’re A Public Speaker”

A couple of years back, I had a talk with a person who specialized in coaching personal brands to become a better public speaker. After a while, I found out that he was a truly great coach if you were into being a mainstream public speaker.

But for me, a curly creative business avantgardist who had NO interest in becoming a public speaker who spoke for hundreds of people at the same company at once, about happiness in the workplace or motivation, it didn’t really work out.

He didn’t know what box to put me in. However, he said one thing that I still think a lot about. He thought I was too accessible. He didn’t think I could become a  public speaker or a huge personal brand being so accessible. I mean everybody could get into contact with me everywhere, right? On social media, on the streets, book a 1-on-1 digital feedback session with me.

I even had my email listed on my webpage instead of having a contact form!

To him, it seemed unprofessional. Relating to people eye to eye. For me it made me wonder; are some personal brands built on inaccessibility? On people not replying to other people? On people not being able to book a meeting with another person because that person is too busy to relate?

Well, I disagree. There’s a new kind of rockstar public speaker in town; She’s called ¬†Henriette Weber and she’s SUPER accessible.

rock on

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