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“Don’t Be So Accessible When You’re A Public Speaker”

A couple of years back, I had a talk with a person who specialized in coaching personal brands to become a better public speaker. After a while, I found out that he was a truly great coach if you were into being a mainstream public speaker. But for me, a curly creative business avantgardist who […]


Going To Düsseldorf For ‘Shift Relays’ As A Keynote Speaker On Branding

On Friday, I’m flying to Düsseldorf to be a keynote speaker for Shift Relays. I’m going to talk about being real, branding for startups, and how they stick together. Actually, I am just going there to be a speaker but I am actually opening the program for SEO purposes. I need to have some content […]

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Return on Involvement = Return on Investment

A couple of months back I was invited to do a KEA talk on “return on involvement = return on investment” at Copenhagen Commerce Academy. It’s kind of like their own version of TED talks and I really dug it. I decided just to be me and let things come to me naturally knowing that […]

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Sustainable transitional web apps for the future

Ben Metcalfe wrote in a tweet a couple of weeks ago that “the way that twitter currently works doesn’t scale”. I think that’s my problem too. twitter doesn’t scale, not technically, and not as a mobile community either. solely on the web – it’s great – but I want the Twitter messages on my phone […]