On Being Nominated For The Danish Internet Pioneer Award 2014

nominated for the internet pioneer award 2014

The Danish Internet Pioneer Award 2014

Sometimes you go by your daily life and then suddenly, something happens. Something unexpected that sends shivers down your spine and makes you feel humble.

Today was one of those days.

I found out that I was nominated for the Danish Internet Pioneer Award 2014 for the “Rethink” category. It was a tremendous honor, I must say. At the time, I was under my self-proposed “house-arrest” due to my hypersensitive lungs.

I honestly don’t know a lot about this relatively new award. But I feel good having my work, over the years on the internet, recognized. Being recognized for my internet knowledge, social media branding, and digital tendencies is a really nice thing. Being nominated for an award together with these people? That is definitely kick-ass! I am out of words to describe what I was feeling. Kick-ass at a minimum!

As I was deep in my musings on my entrepreneurial life, I asked myself: “What have I done to deserve this nomination?”.

Networking: The “Henriette Weber way”

Hmm. I think my take on the internet has always been to take it offline. Meet people and have people meet each other. Facilitate networking between people. It’s something that’s deeply integrated within me. It has been the core of BarCamp Copenhagen, Social Media Club Copenhagen, Geek Girl Magazine, Toothless Tiger, and myself.

True connections mostly happen past midnight. It could be in a bar when you’re having one too many bottles of champagne. It could also be over excellent coffee and cupcakes. That is networking, the “Henriette Weber way”, for you. I haven’t been wildly successful in having my companies being acquired (had a bunch of clients at Toothless Tiger though). I didn’t necessarily have a large voice in the Danish Internet agenda, at least not deliberately. But I made people meet each other and I met new friends because of it. I think it’s a key thing of mine. It’s something that I always end up doing; getting people together not only through personal interaction but also through my work in my brand studio Toothless Tiger.

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