Let Us Revolt On The International Workers Day

International Workers Day has always been a special day for my family. Especially when my grandparents and my great grandmother was still alive. It was a day of appreciation, gratitude, and caring for those who didn’t have the same rights. A day of thinking big about revolutions.

My grandmother and my great grandmother worked at Tretorn in Helsingør. My grandfather was a bricklayer, while my great grandfather worked at the shipyard. In some ways, they worked their whole life to better the rights for generations to come, which means so much to me.

So what should we revolt about this May 1st?

I think indifference is the biggest thing to fight these days. Everything is alright but things can always be better. It’s important for me, personally, to believe that. Even though we’re doing ok and well, there’s still so much left to fight for. I think we should fight against climate change and for data protection. Fight for better rights for workers around the globe (hello fashion industry fx). Human Rights and Health.

1st of May for me is spent with my family in appreciation of the global society we live in, the many solutions we’ve come up with, and the big problems humanity is still facing such as rights of workers, climate, health, etc.

rock on

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