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Seeing Airbnb’s Business Model As Old School

business model as old school

What would happen to the disruptive business model, if we saw business models for cutting-edge companies such as Airbnb and Uber as old school?

There are ideas for creating apps like “tinder for xx” or the “next Facebook”. But what if we decided to start from a clean slate? Not being inspired by case studies or what other people in the field we’re in, are doing? What if we didn’t focus on short- term marketing stuff but rather on longterm business models?

Is that even possible? Can we innovate a new business model without looking at what’s already out there?

There’s a lot of pointers going towards that redeveloping business models is a part of the ‘new’ black. I in particular enjoy the concept of ‘holacracy’ and ‘sociocracy’.

It’s needed. Particularly since the models that most companies they use today, are often the same as business models that were used 40 years ago (sometimes even more).

If you want some cold-hard case studies on alternative management structures you can find some in this article from culture zine.

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