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Being A +SocialGood Connector

Could somebody pinch me? Recently I have had the great honor to be announced as one of the +SocialGood Connectors Class of 2019-2020. In addition to that, I am going to New York tomorrow to be a part of Social Good Summit, +SocialGood Connector training, UN General Assembly Week, Climate Strike, hanging out with colleagues from CARE and SO much more.

So what am I looking forward to in New York?

Can I speak on behalf of (wo)mankind?


Then, I will speak on behalf of humanity. This year, I hope that UNGA will bring exponential Climate Action. I also hope UNGA will bring 2015-style-hope. I hope it brings hope to the world. Hope that countries will double their commitments to Climate Action. Hope that the SDGs will be reached in 2030 and hope that we will do better. It’s needed. For the kids.

What if we don’t get exponential Climate Action?

If we do not get exponential climate action, then I will keep finding every corner of positivity in these grand challenges. But I honestly have a good feeling about UNGA.

Why are you going to be there, Henriette?

Because it’s important. I will both take stories with me back to Denmark, CARE, and the Nordics. And I will also be writing about what’s going on in Denmark and the Nordics on some of the global platforms.

I will serve as a +Social Good Connector for 2 years so I need to figure out how I can serve Gaia (you know, the planet) to the best of my abilities as well.

rock on

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