SDG Implementation in The Time of COVID-19

Earlier, I was on a preparation call for an online panel. I was tasked to share insights on how is it going with the SDGs, in a Nordic context, during COVID-19. I talked about Climate Action, Gender Equality, and what is happening in Denmark these days. I went on how there’s a consensus in the government to reopen society, taking sustainability and climate action into consideration.

White, rich, and privileged

I (finally) shut up when it’s the other panelists’ turn to share their stories. Their narratives made me feel privileged in a lot of ways. I felt privileged that I am safe. That I don’t have to take a 70% pay cut as some countries require such as Pakistan. That my daughter can still go to school and continue her education even in times like these. I felt privileged for living in Denmark.

COVID-19 is showing us the inequalities in the world

COVID-19 is bringing people, countries, and the whole planet together. That is my theory, at least. I think there’s a lot of stories where we need to see eye to eye. Where we need to join together and share stories that might not be in the mainstream media but still need to be shared anyway. And that is what we’re trying to do tomorrow on an online panel put together and moderated by Swarnima Shrestha, a fellow +Social Good Connector of mine. You should join us!

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