Branding Trends

Current Trends In Disruptive Brand building

I see the business world right now as a place that’s frantically looking for disruption. The “old school” disruptive brands such as Amazon and Facebook has managed the digital transition very well, but at some point they went from being idealistically based to being stakeholder and money based. I know they are not the companies […]


Disruptive Thinking: Brand Development Before Money Gain

I had a link came through this morning from one of my Facebook friends about a Swedish media exec who was clearly disrupting the media world with her thinking and how she implemented things in her organization (link is in Swedish though, sorry rockers!). Disruptive thinking leads to disruptive actions, and disruptive actions change organizations. […]


Why Do We Need Disruptive Trends?

The business world is in dire need of diversification. Every brand has a need to stand out these days. Enter stage: disruptive trends. Think about what Patagonia has done with their ‘buy less’ strategy. Standing out has become one of the primary reasons for selling your products. If you’re good at spotting disruptive trends, you […]