Disruptive Thinking: Brand Development Before Money Gain

I had a link came through this morning from one of my Facebook friends about a Swedish media exec who was clearly disrupting the media world with her thinking and how she implemented things in her organization (link is in Swedish though, sorry rockers!).

Disruptive thinking leads to disruptive actions, and disruptive actions change organizations.

I am a firm believer that unusualness and disruption by thought are the way to proceed. Especially since I have been preaching business unusual and disruptive thinking in my brand studio Toothless Tiger, and making it the blueprint of everything I have done.

Creativity and play are also key; life is supposed to be challenging and fun, right? Looking at a challenge from so far away (or up close) that the challenge changes right before your eyes. It makes markets appear where they usually don’t. Disruptive thinking leads to disruptive actions, and disruptive actions change organizations.

If you want to be a leader in your field then you need to put those ideas into action. All the more reason if you want to be someone that people look up to for doing things differently.

When I researched about Return on Involvement, I did an interview with the CEO of the Danish office of Innocent Drinks. He told me that he had started speaking at a bunch of logistic conferences. I was a bit puzzled by this. Why would he be speaking at logistic conferences? Because Innocent Drinks had taken a stand. They gathered fruits for their smoothies from around the world and they weren’t going to use planes to do that. It was against everything that Innocent Drinks stood for. So they decided to have a zero-plane policy. And nobody in the logistics industry thought that it was possible to do this. But it was. Hence, a logistic rockstar company emerged to inspire the logistical industry, who also with this bold move showed that they put purpose before profit. That their long-term brand development matters more than short-term monetary gain.

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